Herland Health Initiative

The Herland Health Initiative is a bi-monthly (2nd & 4th Saturdays) support group meeting to share the challenges of creating a more healthy life. Lead by Andrea who's long-term goals include walking groups and eventually a 5K walk!  There is no charge for participants and each meeting has a different health topic, some including guest speakers and field trips.  Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month and start at 4:00 pm and typically last 1 hour.




Beginning Yoga

This group meets every Tuesday evening at 6:30 pm at Herland.  We practice a gentle, stretching yoga that is perfect for beginners but also good for more advanced yoga practitioners that want to get in an extra session of stretching.  We have a limited number of mats available at Herland so bring a mat if you already have one.




Want to start a group?

The Herland building is available for new groups, too.  Have an idea? Talk to a Herland board member and get it started!